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On a journey with breast cancer that has changed my life forever; I fell in love with beans. Needing inspiration on a gloomy January afternoon, I walked to the mailbox to get the mail. It was seed catalog time which is a favorite time of mine filled with color and ideas for the next years growing season. As I walked to the house I quickly thumbed through the catalog and then flipped to the back cover and there they were those beautiful colored beans. It hit me like a Mac truck, beans, why hadn’t I thought of it sooner. I would grow beans! It was love at first sight. Beans, I called my husband right away and while he laughed, he knew I was serious and I was on to something.

As vegetable growers and farm market goers we are always looking for our niche. Beans! With so many other cancer Super foods we were already growing it was a match made in heaven. Beans, blueberries, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, these were things my nutritionist had been encouraging me to eat and I was. I had prided myself on growing many of the recommendations, but I had never thought to grow beans, until that gloomy January moment. GOD says everything happens for a reason and HE is so right.

We love our dry edible beans here at Flyte Family Farm and we hope you enjoy them as well. Grown with great love and pride, they are a healthy super food that can provide protein and fiber to your family’s diet just like they do for ours. ENJOY!

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